Atarax is an anti-histamine compound used to relieve the symptoms of allergic skin reactions. Other conditions treated with Atarax include vomiting and nausea, tension and anxiety associated with emotional trauma, insomnia, and for the relief of post-operative pain.

How should I take this medicine?

Atarax capsules or tablets are to be taken orally. Ensure that the instructions on the package insert are carefully followed. If this medication causes stomach irritations, take further doses with a glass of milk or some food. Doses should be taken as scheduled. Do not increase the dosage.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, it may be taken when you remember. However, do not take the missed dose near the time of the next scheduled dose. In this case, ignore the missed dose. Never double-up on a dose.

What precautions should I take when using Atarax?

If you have not noticed an improvement in your condition after a few days of treatment with Atarax, you must inform your doctor or health care professional. While using Atarax you should have regular check-ups to ensure that the medication is working correctly.

Atarax can cause dizziness and drowsiness therefore do not drive or perform any dangerous activity when first using this medication. If you have been sitting or lying down, you should get up slowly to avoid dizziness and the possibility of fainting, especially if you are an elderly person. Avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol can increase the symptoms of drowsiness and dizziness.

Increase your daily intake of water while using Atarax to avoid dry mouth. Sucking hard candy or chewing sugar-free gum will also help.

Atarax can cause blurry vision or dry eyes. People who wear contact lenses can obtain relief with lubricating eye-drops. If this condition persists, contact your ophthalmologist.

If you are scheduled to undergo a test for allergies, inform the medical staff conducting the test that you are using Atarax. If you are scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure, inform the surgeon or dentist that you are using Atarax.