Allergy Treatment through Pro-biotic

Hay fever creates too much disturbance and sometime it remains stick trough out the life. Like the other diseases, this problem is also cure from specific type of medicine. In this study probiotic is recommended as Hay fever medicine. Probiotic is known as friendly bacteria which provide protection from Hay fever. But after all Doctors are not too much satisfied and they need more research to recommend probiotic as Hay fever medicine.

Hay fever may be due to super clean environment. Because scientists think that in super clean environment you have no any contact with bacteria and your immune system loss efficiency to fight against them. In this way hay fever bacteria can attack on such immune system very easily and our system loss the control against these kinds of allergies.

Probiotics are microbes which increase the amount of good bacteria in intestine. Researcher said, seventeen studies showed that probiotics gave relaxation and improvement against the seasonal hay fever symptoms but six more studies had no such kind of effects on allergic patients. That is why more research is required on probiotics and not strongly recommended for allergic patients.

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